5 Frequently Asked Questions To Hackensack Drug Lawyer

When you are caught with real or fake drugs in your car, you may have to face several questions by the police. New Jersey is very serious about its drug laws any violation is dealt with strictly. Whether you have committed the offense or you have been framed, it is important to know your constitutional rights and seek help from an experienced Hackensack Drug Lawyer.
Unfortunately, many people who are caught in such situations do not have an idea about what to speak and how to behave because they are shocked. In this article, we have listed the frequently asked questions often asked to Hackensack drug lawyer.

Should I Get Out The Car When The Officer Asks
Yes, when the police officer asks you to come out of the car, listen to the request and deal with them respectfully. If the officer makes you sit down to check if you have arms, comply because they are permitted to do so for their own safety.
They just want to ensure that you do not have any weapon that can put your in danger. If they try to ask you something, you have the right to remain silent as anything you say during this time can be used against you.

Should I agree to let them search the car?
You have the constitutional right to say ‘No’ to a search unless they have a warrant that allows them to do so. Many people fear that refusing a search may make them appear as guilty and hence they provide their consent. If you are held by the police, you have the right to call your Hackensack drug lawyer and seek legal guidance.

Can The Officer Search My Car Without My Permission?
They can in some cases, especially if they suspect that a vehicle contains illegal items due to the smell of marijuana in a traffic stop. This is otherwise known as an ‘automobile exception’ under they have all reasons to justify a search without a warrant. Another exemption is when the officer finds that a driver has watery-eyes, dilated pupils, or slurred speech.

What if the officer finds drugs in a vehicle search?
If the officer finds drugs during a car search then the penalty will depend upon the amount of substance that has been retrieved. According to the New Jersey drugs law, controlled dangerous substances or CDS are classified depending upon their physical dependence, potential for abuse, and use in medical treatment.
The possession of drugs is usually considered as a third degree offense and it is punishable with 3 to 5 years in the jail and a penalty of $35,000. A Hackensack Drug Lawyer can help you with the case to ensure that you get the minimum penalty for the act.

What Should You Do When You Are Caught with Drugs In Your Car?
When caught with drugs in your car, you must immediately consult with an experienced lawyer in who has been in the industry for a long time. If you have been caught with the possession of an illegal item prohibited by the New Jersey law, this does not imply conviction.
There are different types of diversionary programs and defense strategies that a well-experienced Hackensack attorney can use to get your charges dismissed. The first thing you need to do when held in such a case with charges of criminal offense against you, call a Hackensack drug lawyer and seek help.
Before hiring a lawyer, make sure he/she has been in the legal field for more than five years and has handled similar cases before to deal with your case better.